The metallic and architectural coatings used on many sheet metal panels are thin and fragile. There may be copycat snow guard products in the marketplace that also utilize setscrews for attachment, but be careful! A common setscrew with a cup-point gouges through protective coatings, violating warranties and causing corrosion sites at the point of attachment. Only S-5! utilizes special, polished, round-tipped screws. Although more costly, the makers of S-5! use this method to preserve delicate panel finishes, and their warranties. This is why all major metal roof panel manufacturers approve and recommend S-5! products—often on an exclusive basis!

Designing a special screw for our S-5! product lineup was only the beginning. We then conducted ASTM B-117 salt spray weathering tests on panel seam specimens to determine whether these screws caused any damage, however slight, that could result in premature corrosion. After 1,000 hours in the salt chamber, no corrosion was detected at any of the setscrew locations! In fact, S-5! offers the only setscrew-based attachment system on the market that puts neither your roof nor your roof warranties in jeopardy!

We also use the highest quality (18-8) stainless steel alloys for all S-5! hardware, and include auxiliary stainless mounting bolts and washers with each clamp to assure longevity and metallurgic compatibility—no matter what the attachment application.

S-5! attachment technology has been in use on rooftops since 1992. Over the years it has come to be recognized, recommended and even distributed by leading metal panel manufacturers the world over, many of whom will approve no other method for rooftop ancillary attachment.