S-5! Snow Retention Systems are attached using S-5! clamping technology. S-5! attachments are all mechanical, and squeeze the seam with round-point setscrews. S-5! attachments features and benefits:

  • No unreliable adhesives
  • No panel penetration
  • Do not violate the panels’ thermal movement
  • Unequaled holding strength
  • No premature corrosion
  • Do not violate roof system warranties
  • Recommended by all leading metal building and metal panel manufacturers

S-5! clamps use round-point setscrews to firmly grip the seam of a roof without penetrating its panel material. Our clamping technology is so unique that it carries its own patent.

Compare approaches: Copycat clamps use “cup-point” screws that cut through the paint and protective coating on roof panels, allowing corrosion to set in while voiding the warranty on the roof. But S-5! clamps come with our , round-point setscrews which are guaranteed not to puncture your panels or affect your roof’s warranty. We have done 1000 hour ASTM B-117 Salt Fog testing on S-5! system clamps, attaching them to painted Galvalume® and galvanized panels. The result: Zero corrosion. In addition, S-5! customers can rest assured that all our related hardware is noncorrosive, 300 series stainless, not plated steel.

Our S-5! attachment method has been thoroughly tested for tenacity, and has proven itself unrivaled in the industry. And since the holding strength of any clamp will vary across different roof profiles, material types and gages, S-5! performs hundreds of independent laboratory pull tests on every roofing type available, and we’ve posted the results for your review here.

With an ultimate load-to-failure average of over 1,800 pounds (and as high as 3,000+ pounds), S-5! clamps remain unsurpassed. In fact the holding strength of our clamps is up to ten times greater than alternative products!